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Classic Lamb Stew

Cook Time: 4 hours

1 lb of cubed lamb stew meat 5 cups of lamb broth (if you do not have a grocer who sells lamb broth, beef broth is fine) ½ cups of tomato soup 1 doz. Red Pearl Onions 1 doz. Yellow Pearl Onions ½ cup of Green Onion 2 medium sized tomatoes 2 stems of celery 1 large carrot ½ doz. small Red Potatoes 1 teas. of Oregano 1 teas. of Rosemary

Serves 6

Thaw and trim the lamb stew meat.

thawed stew meat.jpg

Next, season to taste with the herbs shown below.


The Rosemary leaves can be substituted with crushed rosemary. Anything can go on a stew, so don’t be afraid to add your own twist!


Set your crock pot on high. Add in beef broth, tomato soup, and quartered red potatoes.

Fresh ingredients.png

The vegetables are chopped and set out in the order of which they go into the pot. I like to put in the carrots and celery before I cook the meat to give them some extra time to soften. After the meat is added I put in the pearl onions; and after 2 hours of having the stew cook I add the tomatoes and green onions.

lamb meat in skillet.png

In a skillet, brown the lamb. Be sure to not overcook; this means just enough that when you cut through the meat there is no red. I like to add just a dash of olive oil to my pan before browning the cubed lamb to keep from sticking, but before I put the meat into the crock pot I drain (NOT RINSE) any oil and fat from the pan. Be sure to occasionally stir the stew as it cooks.


Voilla! A heart healthy meal that is sure to please! What we love about this stew is all the warm color it can bring to a cold rainy day.

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