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Lamb Lollipops

This recipe took a fair amount of trial and error, but I'm excited to say that it was worth it! Servings: Plan on serving 2 lollipops per person Ingredients: 1 rack of lamb (these come in 7-10 bone sections) 1tbs Italian herb blend 1 tbs Greek herb blend 1 tsp of your favorite steak seasoning 1 tsp finely chopped fresh rosemary (dried is also fine) 2 tbs extra virgin olive oil Preheat the oven to 450 degrees. In a small bowl, mix together the herb blends, steak seasoning, and rosemary. Once the ingredients have been thoroughly combined, set the bowl aside.


Begin by rinsing the rack of lamb and then pat it dry. At this point, you need to french the rack yourself if it has not already been done for you. Instructions can be found here: French as close to the eye of the rack as possible. It is also very important to trim away excess fat. These are intended to be eaten by holding the exposed bone like a lollipop. Having to pick off excess fat would make this far more difficult than it should be. Once the rack has been frenched and trimmed, carefully separate each section by carving between each bone. The easiest way to get a clean cut is to turn the rack upside down (see picture below) and use the visible bone as a guide.


After dividing the rack into one-bone pieces, sprinkle on the herb blend. Use your fingers to gently press the herbs into the meat. This will ensure that the seasoning stays put during the pan-searing process.


Pre-heat the skillet to medium-high heat. Drizzle the olive oil onto the center of the pan. Once the pan is heated, cook the lollipops on each side for 1 minute for 1/2 inch thick lollipops or 2 minutes for 1 inch thick lollipops. Transfer them to a baking sheet after pan-searing. Oven instructions for medium rare: 1/2 inch thick lollipops: approx. 6-8 minutes 1 inch thick lollipops: approx. 8-10 minutes *For medium doneness, leave the lollipops in the oven for an additional 2-3 minutes. *This also depends on the type of baking sheet! I used a nonstick Calphalon pan (with edges to prevent runaway juice).


Serving Suggestions: Pair with your favorite red wine (Cabernet Sauvignon is always a good choice) Goes well with crostini topped with a mild gourmet cheese Crisp apple slices and grapes provide the lollipops excellent company A dipping sauce would be an idea worth exploring as well


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