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Summer Lamb Skewers

It's about that time of year! The grills are firing up because a) grilling is fun, b) charred meat and veggies are delicious, and c) heating/steaming up the house is not cool. So cooking outside is a win all around. To help inspire the seasonal trend, here is a fresh and healthy recipe that can be adapted to fit almost any tastes. Ingredients: Approximately 20, 1-1.5 inch cubes of lamb (shoulder and leg meat work well for this) Trimmed of excess connective tissue/fat & marinated I used Sweet Dreams Winery's Sweet Heat (Jalapeno Wine) and marinated over night Vegetables, cubed Good options: squash, onion, bell pepper, tomato, zucchini, etc. Salt & pepper to taste

Servings: 4-6 skewers (depending on how many veggies you use)



Begin by preheating your grill to a setting that is "high" heat on one side, and "medium to low" heat on the other side.

It is also important to consider soaking wooden skewers for 10-15 minutes in advance, unless charred wood is your thing. They'll be way too flimsy if you soak them for too long. Skip this step if you are using fancy metal skewers.

After the skewers have been prepared, carefully push the lamb meat and cubed vegetables onto them. Take the time to have fun with the colors and creation of patterns.


Once you have skewered the lamb and vegetable cubes, sprinkle them with salt and pepper. Use other seasonings / herbs of your choice if they go better with the marinade you selected. Carefully place the the skewers on the hottest side of the grill. Sear them on all 4 sides for about 3 minutes per side. Transfer them over to the less hot side and close the grill lid. At this point, you can turn off the hottest burners since they are no longer being used. Continue to grill the skewers until the vegetables are soft; rotating them a couple of times along the way. Nearly translucent onions and plenty of that nice grill color will serve as good indicators. These Summer Lamb Skewers are best served with cold drink and great friends!


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