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Lamb Chili

To start, let me say that I don't know how Northerners do it. Being stuck inside for 3 days due to cold, icy weather is not my idea of a good time. At least it is kind of pretty - and an excellent opportunity to try out a new chili recipe!

Ice Storm.JPG

Chili has been on my mind for a few weeks now. The leaves have all but completely fallen from the trees, leaving work before dark feels like a rare treat, and Christmas decorations have made a comeback. And now that it is undeniably chili weather, there is no point in fighting the temptation.

If you like a little kick to your chili, you're guaranteed to love this recipe. Do keep in mind that prepping your ingredients will make the next several hours easier.

These are your base ingredients:

2lbs of cooked and drained ground lamb

1 can of beef broth

1 can of chicken broth

*While it is not pictured, pinto beans (2 cans) make a great addition to this recipe! I would have added them, but the weather dictated that I could only use the items currently in my pantry.

Place these ingredients in a slow cooker and bring them to a boil. This will take about an hour.

(Photo of lamb before broth was added)


Once the lamb and broth has reached a slow boil, add the following ingredients:

1tbs of paprika

1tbs of garlic powder

1tbs of onion powder

1 cube of beef bullion

1 cube of chicken bullion

Salt to taste

Reduce the heat to a simmer as needed.


Cook the mixture for another hour. Once the hour has passed, add the following ingredients:

1tsp diced dried jalapeno

1tsp of brown sugar

1/2tsp of cumin

1/4tsp of oregano

1/4tsp of cilantro

1/4tsp of ground/crushed coriander

1/4tsp of ground black pepper


Cook for another hour (I am starting to feel like a broken record...).

After that, add:

5tbs of chili powder

1/4tsp of white pepper

1/4 tsp of red pepper

Optional: 1/4tsp of ancho chili powder


Almost there...


Simmer for 2 more hours. When the time is up, serve with your favorite cornbread.


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